What Makes Personalized Arabic Lettering Jewelry Unique?

Did you know, global personalized gift market is expected to rise to US $38 billion by 2021?

And when we talk about personalization, nothing can beat customized Arabic lettering jewelry.

Fashion lovers wear elegant jewelry inspired by Arabic letters and Islamic calligraphy with pride.

The most interesting thing is that the fashion statement is not only limited to the Middle East. Other cultures are also waking up to the contemporary appeal of Arabic jewelry and fashionista women are giving it a try.

Let us see what’s the hype about the Arabic lettering jewelry.


A Contemporary Manifestation of the Heritage

Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful depiction of the Middle Eastern heritage that people admire. And the Arabic lettering jewelry is a whole new package that has an international appeal due to its heritage and contemporary flair.

The jewelry allows you to appreciate the beauty of the Arabic language through its timeless designs and tempting calligraphy.


A Combination of Diverse Cultures

Arabic lettering jewelry ideas are inspired by the jewelry trends from the diverse cultures around and across the Arab world.

You can get the jewelry with your choice of symbols and designs to give MEANING to your fashion statement.

For instance, think about the blend of initials and the Family Tree symbol. You can get the symbol with your initial in Arabic lettering on a Family Tree necklace to give your jewelry piece a unique meaning.


Unbeatable Vintage Look 

No other jewelry style can beat the VINTAGE look of Arabic letters, making Arabic jewelry a step forward in terms of design.

The jewelry combines vintage identity with a modern flair to offer a striking look with value.

You can wear the jewelry pieces every day and then, pass them to the future generation. It will make a statement in every era.


A Reflection of Your Personalized Feel

Lettering jewelry has always been a staple for its chic look, versatility, and personalized feel.

What makes Arabic lettering jewelry unique is that you can mold the jewelry with your choice of name, initials, words, and shape

Likewise, you can choose the design, color, and patterns that uniquely represent your true character.


A Symbol of Wealth and Power

The Arab world has always been considered exotic, elegant, and powerful. Arabic jewelry in early history represented the economic social status of individuals. People coming from the elite class showed power and wealth through their jewelry and gems.

Today, they prefer minimalism to represent the same concept. Wearing Arabic lettering jewelry highlights beauty and power with elegance. It also makes you feel more beautiful, stylish, and confident.


A Valuable and Sentimental Gift

Arabian Jewelry has always been used as a sign of men’s love for their wives. And the Arabic calligraphy jewelry can make a woman feel even more special and loved.

Since it is easy to personalize Arabic jewelry, it also makes an incredible gift idea for your child, friend, sister, cousin, or parents.

The sentimental value of this customized jewelry is what your loved ones will appreciate more than its monetary value.


Convinced enough to give exotic Arabic lettering jewelry a try? Check our versatile collection of customized Arabic jewelry and tell us your unique needs. We will customize the piece with your choice of name, initials, colors, and patterns.


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